storehouses | 1883 | monument conservation
The Speicherstadt was always the centre of Hamburg’s trade business and, today, it is sill an important trading hub. The red-brick buildings were built on top oak support structures on the water so that the warehouses could receive their wares directly from the ship. The entire complex is one of a kind worldwide, giving you lots to discover. That’s because, in addition to the buildings themselves, the things inside them are worth a peak. Many Hamburg attractions are located in the warehouses – such as numerous, quirky museums. Not just the Speicherstadt Museum, but also the Spice Museum (Gewürzmuseum) and Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum). At Hamburg Dungeons, you’ll learn a bit about Hamburg’s history while being spooked to your whits. You’ll also want to visit Miniatur Wunderland or Dialogue in the Dark (Dialog im Dunkeln), where you’ll enter a world that you can hear and feel but not see. You can explore the Speicherstadt by foot from many of our holiday apartments in the city centre. But to see it from its most beautiful side, you’ll want to take a tour of the Speicherstadt from the water. Directions Bus 3 or 6