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Alster Boat Tour The Alster Lake is a distinct part of Hamburg’s city centre. Hamburg residents spend a good portion of their free time on and around this inland body of water. So take the time while you’re in town to change your perspective and get to know Hamburg from the water. At Jungfernstieg, you can hop onto any one of several boat tours. The Alster Boat Tour, Canal Tour or popular Twilight Tour should be on your agenda of things to do. That’s because, believe it or not, Hamburg is even more spectacular when viewed from on board a boat. If you want to catch a glimpse of Hamburg’s most beautiful side, opt for the Alster Boat Tour. You’ll glide along wonderful waterways past the most idyllic (and most elite) homes – and learn why Hamburg is one of Germany’s greenest cities. For more information, visit: (English) Prices: EUR 11 - EUR 19.50 Children EUR 3.50 - EUR 9.50 Directions U2 red line or U1 blue line, with stop at “Jungfernstieg” S1 green line or S3 purple line, with stop at “Jungfernstieg” Bus 4 or 5 Harbour Boat Tour The harbour always has been and always will be the heart of Hamburg. That is probably why there is so much to discover here – and what other way to embark on the journey if not by water? A wide range of harbour tours await you: whether you want to enjoy the classic voyage, historical waterway tour or “Harbour Adventure”. Whichever you prefer, they all offer a completely new perspective of the city. The Lights Tour is especially recommended. In the twilight, the Speicherstadt and harbour are spectacularly illuminated – the perfect occasion to turn your tour of discovery into an evening of romance. For more information, visit: (English) Directions U3 yellow line, with stops at "Landungsbrücken" or "Baumwall" S1 green line or S3 purple line, with stop at "Landungsbrücken" City Bus Tour If you don’t have much time in the city, but still want to catch a glimpse of all the important spots and sights – such as the city centre, harbour, Michel church, Landungsbrücken and Reeperbahn – then opt for one of Hamburg’s city bus tours. A double-decker bus takes you from station to station, where you can get off at any stop you like to discover more and then get back on the next bus. There are various tour providers in Hamburg, but all of them sell tickets directly on the bus – so you can begin your journey of sights from anywhere and everywhere. During the tour, you will learn interesting facts and figures about the sights and city districts, as well as a few entertaining anecdotes here and there, of course. For more information, visit: (English and German) (English and German) (German) Prices Approximately EUR 15 Walking Tour In the past few years, the good old-fashioned way of exploring the city has made a comeback: by foot. Now, there are a number of guided walking tours through single or several city districts, focusing on various topics. They let you leisurely stroll the streets, taking in the city and learning lots of interesting facts along the way. The most entertaining, of course, are the St. Pauli tours. For example, the historical Prostitute Tour, The Beatles Tour and Olivia’s Safari – with queen diva Olivia Jones – which has recently been chosen one of Hamburg’s main attractions. But the serious Mayor Tour or an FC St. Pauli City District and Stadium tour are also on offer. For more information, visit: (English) Prices Approximately EUR 15 - EUR 40 for a 1 to 3.5 hour tour