amusement strip | red light district and culture | 930m
The red light district is more likely than not Hamburg’s most famous attraction – and sure enough, shouldn’t be missed during your stay in Hamburg. Here, life’s sinful side is celebrated and enjoyed in all its facetes. From brothels to countless pubs and clubs as well as travesty shows, there is something for everyone and every preference. But the Reeperbahn is more than just a modern-day Gomorrah. In the middle of all the night’s goings-on, you’ll find three classic theatres and a musical theatre – and even the Catholic church St. Joseph. It is located across from the former Star Club, where The Beatles made their major breakthrough, and the Dollhouse, whose name says it all. The “Kiez” district St. Pauli is actually quite special: despite its sinful side, a unique culture has developed. You could say, St. Pauli is Hamburg. The solidarity that runs through this city district can best be seen in the enthusiasm surrounding the cult football club FC St. Pauli von 1910 – the fan fever has now virtually taken over all of Hamburg. As exciting as the Reeperbahn is on a Saturday evening, it is also worthwhile to simply leisurely stroll through the side streets, where you’ll discover bizarre personalities and establishments that make St. Pauli the “in” location it is. As soon as you leave the hustle and bustle of the Reeperbahn behind you, you will get to know the true charm of St. Pauli. A great tip: stay until the morning hours and then, after an entertaining visit at the Fischmarkt, go back to our apartment and fall straight into the cosy bed. Directions U3 yellow line, with stop at "St. Pauli" S1 green line or S3 purple line, with stop at "Reeperbahn" Bus 283