planetarium | 1930 | in water tower | 65m
Hamburg's Planetarium truly has a lot to offer, with the exception of one thing: boring lectures about the constellations. Instead, you’ll enjoy readings, music shows, concerts – and the universe. Psychadelic laser shows in tune with music by Pink Floyd enwrap you with colour and are just as much part of the programme as exciting lectures on the Stars of the Pharaohs. When you look up at the big stary sky on the dome-shaped ceiling, you feel like you are lying on a comfy summer meadow and speaking with the stars, which appear extremely close in their full, unadultured beauty. Action lovers can witness cosmic collisions which would impress even Bruce Willis. The awe-inspiring pictures give you an amazing insight into the powers that surround us. So bring your relaxing day in the Stadtpark to a close with an enjoyable visit to the Hamburg Planetarium – then dream the stary night away in one of our holiday apartments. Directions The Planetarium is situated in the beautiful Hamburg Stadtpark (City Park), which is located in the city district of Winterhude. U3 yellow line or Metrobus 6, with stop at Borgweg. Via a street crossing, you can reach the Planetarium in 15 to 20 minutes by foot through the park. (Tip: Go left from the “Borgweg” stop, cross the street at the light [Südring] twice so that you can walk on the right side of Hindenburgstraße. Then you’ll be sure to see us.) Bus 118, 20 or 179, with stop at Ohlsdorfer Straße/Planetarium. By foot via a paved path, you can reach the Planetarium in around 5 minutes. (Tip: Bus 20 leaves from the U1 blue line from Hudtwacklerstraße. Bus 179 leaves from the underground stop at “Alsterdorf” or “Borgweg”. As it does not have regular departure times, please make sure you refer to the schedule in advance.)