memorials | destroyed 1943
The ruins of the former St. Nikolai church pay tribute to the victims of the Second World War. St. Nikolai was the target of bombing in Hamburg in July 1943 and completely burned down as a result. After the war came to an end, it was decided that the ruins of the church should remain and serve as a monument to the victims of the terrible war years between 1939 and 1945. The crypt today is home to the Documentation Centre. Here, exhibitions and events centred round rememberance take place. You can take a tour of the St. Nikolai monument every Saturday at 2 pm. Since 2005, visitors have also been able to ride up to the top of the remaining spire via a glass lift. After you’ve learned about the devastating effects of the conflagration, a view of today’s beautiful city from above will really bring home the significance of this time in history for Hamburg and its people. The city is very lucky to still have many of the old Hamburg buildings intakt. Otherwise you would not be able to enjoy our wonderful apartments in the historical Deichstraße. Directions: Willy-Brandt-Straße 60 (vormals Ost-West-Straße), 20457 Hamburg U3 yellow line, with stop at "Rödingsmarkt" S1 green line or S3 purple line, with stop at "Stadthausbrücke" Bus 3, with stop at "Stadthausbrücke" Bus 6, with stop at "Rödingsmarkt"