architecture | 1653 | town's landmark | 90m | 211 stairs
Known as "the Michel", the St. Michaelis church is a genuine Hamburg landmark – the spire being visible from afar to ships sailing up the Elbe River. For this very reason, every visitor to the city should at some point take a visit to the church – and especially "climb" the spire, either by foot or with the lift. From atop, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking, unique panoramic view of Hamburg’s harbour and city centre. For a romantic occasion or unforgettable experience, visit St. Michaelis at night and take in the hanseatic city’s ocean of lights. Either way, it’s a worthwhile visit that you’ll remember for years to come. You can also take a 30-minute tour through the church’s crypt or visit any one of the concerts which regularly take place here. Every morning at 10 o’clock and every evening at 9 o’clock, the spire keepers blow their choral of music – a tradition that you won’t want to miss. And one you’ll particularly enjoy from the balcony available with some of our city centre apartments. For more information, visit www.st-michaelis.de or www.nachtmichel.de (German) Spire Tour Opening hours November to April: 10 am to 5.30 pm daily May to October: 9 am to 7.30 pm daily