The Hamburg Landungsbrücken are not only an important transport hub, they also feature unique architecture. This main ship station offers connections to three of the city’s main train lines as well as the harbour ferries. Many harbour boat tours also start from here. What’s more, at the Landungsbrücken you’ll have both a fantastic view of the harbour as well as the chance to meet genuine captains. Admittedly, the rough mannerisms put on by the boat tour captains are a bit of show for the tourists – but they’re loads of fun. If you’re arriving in Hamburg by car, then you have the perfect opportunity to experience the Old Elbe Tunner (Alter Elbtunnel). Treat yourself to the experience: a car lift takes you down 24 metres below the earth so you can drive underneath the Elbe River to the other side. But you don’t need a car to enjoy this special moment. Pedestrians are also welcome. There are tours and even regular art exhibitions inside this historical tunnel. When you feel the hunger coming on, a fish sandwish is highly recommended for lunch – while the nearby Portuguese Quarter tempts you with numerous restaurants in the evening hours. Then bring your day to the perfect close with a visit to the St. Michaelis church at night. Directions U3 yellow line, with stop at "Landungsbrücken" S1 green line or S3 purple line, with stop at "Landungsbrücken"