new quarter | built until 2020 | 2,2km² | modern
Hamburg is growing. But rather than sprawling out like most other cities, it is getting bigger in the middle. A whole new city district is under development in the heart of Hamburg: HafenCity. Living space for 12,000 people and offices for 40,000 workers are expected to turn HafenCity into a lively, upbeat city district for old and young alike some day. The architecture is futuristic and modern, with lots of glass. Opinions about this gigantic city development project are vaste: some think HafenCity is too sterile and modern, others enjoy the luxury and vision of a glamorous future. Either way, the location is unbeatable. Because HafenCity is surrounded by the Elbe River on virtually all sides, you’ll always be near the water. A trip to HafenCity is worthwhile, as the architecture is one of a kind. And when you come from the neighbouring city centre, you’ll have the feeling that you’re almost in a different city – if not in a different time even. Plus, the old Speicherstadt (warehouse complex) creates a wonderful contrast to the ultra-modern, new buildings. Many of our holiday apartments, by the way, are very close to HafenCity – so you can effortlessly catch a glimpse of Hamburg’s futuristic heart. Directions Bus 3 or 6