biggest german seaport | 1189 | 7237 hectare
Hamburg would not be Hamburg without its harbour. The waterway connection to the North Sea has had a major influence on this Hanseatic city – reason, perhaps, for the people’s sometimes rough and cool mannerisms. But ever since its beginnings, Hamburg has been home to ships and shipping. A little bit of the sea can be found in true Hamburg lovers’ hearts. That’s why the city’s harbour is celebrated every year – on several days even: at the Harbour Birthday celebrations. If you happen to be in Hamburg when the festival is taking place, then you definitely won't want to miss out on the chance to witness the Tugboat Ballett. Or have you ever seen a 50,000 hp-strong tugboat do a pirouette? The harbour is also so much more, namely one of the city's main attractions. The huge container cranes and dockyards, where the world’s largest cruise ships go through maintenance, have their own special charm. Many of our holiday apartments are near the harbour, so you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere whenever you like. While there, a range of various harbour boat tours await to show you the city from the water. For more information about Hamburg’s Harbour Birthday celebrations, visit: http://www.hamburg.de/hafengeburtstag The dates for Hamburg’s Harbour Birthday celebrations to the year 2015: 11–13 May 2012 9–12 May 2013 9–11 May 2014 8–10 May 2015 Directions U3 yellow line, with stops at "Landungsbrücken" and "Baumwall"